25000 Years of Erotic Freedom


25000 Years of Erotic Freedom (Inbunden)
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With each new technological advance, pornography has both proliferated and degraded in its quality. Today, porn is everywhere, but nowhere is it art. "A History of Erotic Freedom" surveys 25,000 years of pornography arguing that a society's vibrancy and success are related to its permissiveness in sexual matters. Decrying that the consumption of contemporary ubiquitous pornography is still widely considered shameful, author Alan Moore calls for a new and more artistic pornography that could be openly discussed and would have a beneficial impact on society.
Förlag: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.  Kategori: Konst, Samhällsvetenskap 
Beräknad leveranstid: 3-8 arbetsdagar  Bandtyp: Inbunden 
ISBN: 9780810948464  Antal sidor: 96 
Språk: Engelska     
Titel: 25000 Years of Erotic Freedom  Författare: Alan Moore  
Releasedatum: 2009-10-01  Serie:  
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