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My Unapologetic Diaries

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My Unapologetic Diaries

228 kr
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER!'Wonderfully rich and mesmerising' William Boyd'As brutal, withering and funny as you'd expect' Julian Clary'Fabulously entertaining, impossibly glamorous, and utterly irresistible' Piers Morgan'A treat from start to finis
  • Memoarer & Biografier, Film & Fotografi, Kommunikation & Media
  • Bok
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  • English
  • Joan Collins
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'Wonderfully rich and mesmerising' William Boyd

'As brutal, withering and funny as you'd expect' Julian Clary
'Fabulously entertaining, impossibly glamorous, and utterly irresistible' Piers Morgan
'A treat from start to finish' Elizabeth Hurley


Joan Collins has been a diarist from the age of twelve, writing enthusiastically over the years. She dictated most of these entries in real time into a mini-tape recorder at the end of the day, and now she is spilling the beans - well, nearly all of them. What you will discover was written when Joan 'felt like it' between 1989 and 2009. Whether it is an encounter with a superstar or a member of the Royal Family, or her keen and honest insights into other celebrities at dinner parties and events, Joan is honest and unapologetic.

Taking us on a dazzling tour around the globe - from exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles to the glittering beaches of St Tropez, from dinner parties in London to galas in New York City - some of the characters you will meet in these pages include Rod Stewart, Princess Margaret, Donald Trump, Michael Caine, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Rupert Everett, Roger Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more. Her diaries are intimate and witty, and they pull no punches, with NO apologies to anyone mentioned in them!

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    Memoarer & Biografier Film & Fotografi Kommunikation & Media
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    Weidenfeld Nicolson
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    Joan Collins
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