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ITALERI 1:24 - Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler

ITALERI 1:24 - Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler
ITALERI 1:24 - Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler
ITALERI 1:24 - Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler
ITALERI 1:24 - Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler
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Amerikansk lastebil. Modellens størrelse 35,2cm. Vanskelighetsgrad 4.Historie på engelsk fra Wikipedia:
378: Similar to the 379, the 378 has a fiberglass hood and steeper hood slope. It is not available in an extended hood, but is available in set back front axle (SBFA) configurations. The 378 is popular in local and vocational trucking, as well as over the road applications.[citation needed] Available 1987–2007. Whereas the 378 and 379 both are available in a 119" BBC, the 378 sits four inches (102 mm) higher above the frame rails compared to the 379. This accounts for the slight downward angle to the hood.
379: The 379 was Peterbilts flagship truck from 1987 until the 2007 model year maintaining the nameplates signature long-nose styling. Available in standard (119" BBC) and long hood (127" BBC) lengths, the 379 is the last conventional over-the-road truck available with an aluminum hood. Replacing the "359" in 1987, it remained in production until March 2007 with the last 1000 379s called the "Legacy Class 379." The 379 family received interior changes through the 20 year run, like the "Original (Square) Dash" from 1987 to 2000, the "Ergonomic Dash" from 2001 to 2005, and the current "2006+ Dash" currently available in Arctic Gray, Saharan Tan, Burgundy Wine, and Maritime Blue configurations. Peterbilt dropped the long running "American Class" interior in 2005 with the end of the "Ergonomic Dash". The main dash color was black up until the 2000 model year, which was the last year for the "Original Dash" you could either order it in gray, tan, or black. Currently Peterbilt does not offer the "2006+ Dash" in black. Peterbilt also made changes to the cab doors in late 2004 when the vent window post was eliminated and the mirrors moved from the door to the cab. (Interestingly the "original cab" from Fageol had no vent windows and thus a retro look was achieved). The passenger door received a much larger peep window. New door release handles and locksets replaced the 1972 units. The 2005 models had a flat door window lower ledge. For 2006 and 2007 the doors received a new window with an angled-towards-the-hood lower ledge allowing for additional visibility, especially to the right. Rear corner windows also became available. The new for 2005 cab mounted mirrors allow for enhanced view and allow the driver to keep his view facing forward without leaning to see the mirror. The rear window of the cab saw changes from the original 36" × 28" window. The Unibilt Daycab window size became standard around 2003.

Autobot leader Optimus Primes alternate mode in the 2007 Transformers film is a 1997 Peterbilt Model-379 Extended Hood truck Three modified 379s appeared in the 2007 live-action film "Transformers" as Autobot-leader Optimus Primes vehicle/disguise mode. There was much controversy over this in the Transformers fan community because Optimus Prime is almost always portrayed in the various cartoon series as a flat-nose cabover semi-trailer truck (or later as a fire engine) his movie incarnation would be the second with an extended nose conventional cab (following his role in 2002-03s Transformers: Armada). The filmmakers have said that, ignoring the fan-termed "mass shifting" associated with the series, Optimuss final official height of 28ft (almost 10m) in robot mode would not have been possible to allow for all of the mechanics of the CGI model if they had gone with a cab-over, which would have dropped him instead to a smaller 20ft (almost 7m).


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