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Robot vacuum cleaner Cecotec Conga 7090 IA 10000 PA

7269 kr
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Conga 7090 AI - with smart technology and ultra-strong suction power against dirt and allergens

Cecotec Conga 7090 AI: An overview of the vacuum robot mop

This  robot vacuum and mop is a state-of-the-art 4 in 1 cleaning system with Cyclone technology and dual camera navigation for automatic basic cleaning of homes and offices. It doesn't matter whether hard floors or carpet, whether only vacuuming or also mopping is required - it does it all and in one pass. Thanks to the dual camera, the robot vacuum mop is more accurate in mapping and is generally more thorough and efficient. Of course, the well-known Cecotec functions and technologies support it in this.


The camera and navigation of the Conga 7090 AI

With the dual camera, the robot vacuum and mop scans its surroundings in real time and uses the information to calculate the most efficient cleaning route. Due to the two lenses, the robot vacuum and mop measures its surroundings even better and can estimate distances more accurately, which means that it not only cleans more efficiently, but also navigates through the home more quickly and accurately. Of course, thanks to the common sensors, it also recognizes dangers such as stairs and precipices and skilfully avoids them.

Cecotec Conga 7090

Powerful suction

10,000 Pa suction power (!)

The Conga 7090 AI is a powerful robot vacuum and mop. Due to the cyclone technology and the precise suction flow, it creates 10,000 Pa and thus ensures almost residue-free suction of dirt and allergens.

water dosage

Water dosage in 3 levels

The robot vacuum mop can work with all 4 functions (vacuuming, brushing, dry and damp mopping) at once. In addition, it can specifically dose the water for cleaning. So, you can specify exactly where to clean with more water (e.g. kitchen floor) and where with less (e.g. parquet floor) when mopping.

animal hair

Hair does not stand a chance

This powerful robot vacuum cleaner with mop is ideal for cleaning upholstery fabrics and removing hair with its various special brushes. The "BestFriend Care" brush, for example, is made of silicone and thus picks up more hair than a conventional bristle brush. Thanks to the special roller shape, the hairs can also no longer get tangled.

Control options

app control

Cecotec's Conga 7090 AI offers several control options. Even though the cleaning schedule is predefined in the app and starts automatically, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop can be started at the push of a button (e.g. for spot cleaning). The remote control via the app is of course smartphone, if you want to start the Conga 7090 on the go, . if a visitor has been announced at short notice. There are also an opportunity to connect your robot with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control and as well to integrate it into the smart home.


Smartphone App

This app is available for  and  in the well-known stores

Conga 7090 IA - smart functions and easy handling

Predefined programs

Using the app, you can define in advance which area the robot vacuum and mop should clean and which cleaning method it should use. You can either set everything individually or select from 10 predefined programs (e.g. corner cleaning, turbo mode, spot cleaning...).


Room planning 3.0

Thanks to this intelligent function, this robot vacuum mop remembers your cleaning preferences for the next time. This way, it learns your preferences and makes suggestions for programming.

Our conclusion


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