Unfinished Business (CD)

Carr Eric

Unfinished Business
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Disc 1

  • 1

    Eric speaks to the fans

  • 2

    Just Can’t Wait – Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Ted Poley

  • 3

    Troubles Inside You – Eric Carr

  • 4

    Eric talks about his music

  • 5

    No One’s Messin’ With You – Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick

  • 6

    Carr Jam 1981 – Joey Cassata (ZO2)

  • 7

    Eric talks about his KISS audition

  • 8

    Shandi – Eric Carr

  • 9

    All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose (ZO2)

  • 10

    Dial L For Love – Eric Carr

  • 11

    Elephant Man – Kee Marcello Guitars, (Europe) AJ Pero, on Drums (Twisted Sister)

  • 12

    Eric talks about Mark St. John

  • 13

    Midnite Stranger – Eric Carr

  • 14

    Eyes Of Love – Eric Carr, John Humphrey (Seether)

  • 15

    Bill Aucoin talks about Eric

  • 16

    Through The Years – Eric Carr

  • 17

    I Cry at Night – Eric Carr bonus track recorded 1967

  • 18

    Eric joking at KISS rehearsals

LEGENDARY KISS DRUMMER ERIC CARR was an integral part of the band for over 11 years. His powerful drumming rocked the music world through the Metal 80's & early 90's. Eric Carr still remains a positive influence for both drummers & rock fans alike.

THIS CD FEATURES 18 RARE ERIC CARR RECORDINGS which Include: UNRELEASED MUSIC, LIVE PERFORMANCES, REMIXES AND INTERVIEW CLIPS. Aside from performances by ERIC CARR, you will also be treated to rare performances by members and former members of KISS, TWISTED SISTER, SEETHER, EUROPE, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, ZO2, TED POLEY, (SINGER, SONGWRITER) MARCIA JUELL & MORE This CD is a testament to a man whose personality & heart were as big as his enormous talent. Eric's spirt is alive in each and every song. Songs Like Shandi, set the tempo early on, (Never released) Performed by Eric Carr.We have removed Eric's Shandi vocals, from his 1980 KISS audition tape, and combined them with a refreshing new musical arrangement, which makes this update soar. Classical guitar rhythms by Charles Sedlak and seductive background vocals from Marcia Juell, & Benny Doro, make the results unforgettably sweet and totally unexpected. Enjoy this unique version of this old KISS classic. No One's Messin' With You (never released) Performed by Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick (KISS). This song was discovered on an old DAT recording owned and made by Eric. This alternative version of Little Caesar, from the 1989 KISS, album "Hot in the Shade" has an entirely different set of lyrics and vocal melody. Carr handles the gritty vocals and bass guitar while Bruce Kulick fills it out with some rock-in'riffs. Troubles inside you (never released) Performed by Eric Carr (KISS), Mitch Weissman . Complete demo which features Mitch Weissman on lead vocals. Mitch jokes how he and Eric were "just fooling around in Gene Simmons home". Mitch wanted to try something different, so he sat in a closet and sang away.Eric meantime, set the drum machine, played some guitars, and sang backing vocals. This song turned out to have that classic 80's sound. Dial L For Love (never released) Performed, by Eric Carr. Written in 1987, during the KISS, CRAZY NIGHTS SESSIONS this demo, with it's upbeat tempo, was one step away from being complete. After so many years KISS fans can finally hear this unreleased track. Definitely a fitting song for a KISS album. Just Can't Wait (never released) Performed by Ted Poley, Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick (KISS, This song, with its catchy hook, has been re-mastered using Eric and Bruce's original studio drum and guitar tracks. Ted Poley adds his soulful vocals using lyrics written in 2006. Elephant Man: (Debut Release), Eric Carr's last known composition. Performed by AJ Pero (Twisted Sister), Kee Marcelo (Europe), Bob Gilmartin. Special performances by Eric Carr's Sister & Niece. Eric wrote these touching lyrics in late 1991. In 2006, music was composed to complete this song. Eric's emotions at that time, can be easily felt though the passionate slide guitar solo, and powerful vocals. This song also reunites Eric, with his sister Maria & niece Sara-Jean, as they pay tribute with their heartfelt background vocals.


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Artist: Carr Eric Titel: Unfinished Business
Label: Loretta Ca Bolag: BOR
Mediatyp: CD Releasedatum: 2011-11-18
Beräknad leveranstid: Beställningsvara, 5-15 arbetsdagar Katalognummer: BOR-MVD5286-A
EAN: 0760137528623
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