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Afterlives of the Rich and Famous


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"Unlike any other book Browne has published, AFTERLIVES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS addresses both the lives and the afterlives of forty celebrities we've loved and lost. Sylvia has written before about what transpires after death, but this is by far the mostcomplete picture she's ever painted. Best of all, she's giving us another intimate glimpse of cherished lives we thought we'd lost. Alternately moving and rollicking, this is one read that's truly impossible to put down! Following an introduction explaining how Sylvia communicates with her spirit guide, Francine, AFTERLIVES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS explains exactly what happens to our spirits when our bodies stop living, from the legendary tunnel to a description of the Other Side itself and what our livesare like there to a few alternative destinations we might happen to choose--the Left Door, the Holding Place and the world of Ghosts/Earthbounds, each of which is represented among the celebrities chosen for this particular book. Sylvia then brings to life the celebrities themselves--brief biographies to personalize them and to lend important context to "current events" from the Other Side. Sylvia shares whatever information our celebrities care to discuss, from regrets to private thoughts to where and whom they continue to visit on earth to whether or not they intend to incarnate again, as a few of them already have. Celebrities featured include: Elvis Presley, (Princess) Diana Spencer, Patrick Swayze, Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger, Rock Hudson, Spencer Tracy, Walter Cronkite, Natalie Wood, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Farrah Fawcett, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson, John Lennon"--
Förlag: Harpercollins  Kategori: Astrologi & Esoterika 
Beräknad leveranstid: 5-15 arbetsdagar  Bandtyp: Pocket 
ISBN: 9780061966804  Antal sidor: 277 
Språk: Engelska     
Titel: Afterlives of the Rich and Famous  Författare: Sylvia Browne  
Redaktör:   Uppläsare:  
Översättare:   Releasedatum: 2011-12-27 
Upplaga: Reprint  ISBN 10:  

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