Graffiti Coloring Book 3. International Styles


Graffiti Coloring Book 3. International Styles (Häftad)
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The third coloring book in Dokument Press's popular Graffiti Coloring Book series is packed with the world's most prominent graffiti styles.More than 60 pictures and writers from the whole world fill the pages.Color in fresh, wild and playful letters and fantasy-filled characters.A game of color and form for grown-ups and children alike, and a chance to learn form some of the world's best graffiti writers.Contributions by Bus 126, Diko, Does, Fati, Hews, How & Nosm, Izzy, Kacao 77, Ket, Kid Kash, Pariz, Rubin, Semor, Sken, Swet, SP One, Tones, Zeus 40 and many more.
Förlag: Dokument Press  Kategori: Konst, Övrigt handarbete, Almanackor & Kalendrar 
Beräknad leveranstid: 2-5 arbetsdagar  Bandtyp: Häftad 
ISBN: 9789185639496  Antal sidor: 64 
Språk: Svenska     
Titel: Graffiti Coloring Book 3. International Styles  Författare:  
Releasedatum: 2012-03-20  Serie:  
Redaktör: Björn Almqvist
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