Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 (Import)

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Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 (Import) (DVD)
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Three digitally remastered Doctor Who stories from the 1960s, '70s and '80s. In the three-part 'The Seeds of Death' (1969), the Doctor (Patrick Troughton), Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) travel to a moon relay station to find out why T-Mat, a form of instant travel, has broken down. There they discover a race of Ice Warriors, planning to use T-Mat to carry seed pods to earth which will produce a deadly fungus to suck the air dry of oxygen. The Doctor has to foil the Ice Warriors' plan, avoiding the deadly pods along the way. In the four-part 'Carnival of Monsters' (1972), the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Jo (Katy Manning) find themselves arrested as stowaways after the TARDIS makes an unplanned arrival on the S.S. Bernice, en route to India in 1926. However, the ship is in fact trapped in a miniscope - the mechanical peepshow of intergalactic showman Vorg (Leslie Dwyer). When the Scope is impounded by officials on the planet Inter-Minor, many of the creatures contained within get loose, including the monstrous Drashigs. In the four-part 'Resurrection of the Daleks' (1983), the Daleks are once again seeking their creator, Davros (Terry Molloy), to discover a cure for the Movellan virus. Mercenaries free Davros from his prison ship, but the Kaled scientist has other ideas, and soon a Dalek civil war is underway. On 20th-century Earth the Doctor (Peter Davison), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) are caught up between the rival factions and the Earth rebels, but they are already part of a larger plan to destroy Gallifrey.
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Språk: Engelska  Längd (min): 343 
Text:   Beräknad leveranstid: 1-3 arbetsdagar 
Kategori: Science Fiction, TV-serie, Import  Releasedatum: 2011-03-28 
Originaltitel: Doctor Who: Revisitations 2  Region: 2 (Europa) 
Regissör: Barry Letts, Matthew Robinson, Michael Ferguson   Åldersgräns: 7 år 
Skådespelare: Alan Bennion, Cheryl Hall, Chloe Ashcroft, Christopher Coll, Cy Town, Del Henney, Frazer Hines, Harry Towb, Ian Marter, Janet Fielding, John Scott Martin, Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Leslie Dwyer, Leslie Grantham, Louise Pajo, Mark Strickson, Maurice Colbourne, Michael Wisher, Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Philip McGough, Philip Ray, Rodney Bewes, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Rula Lenska, Sonny Caldinez, Stuart Fell, Tenniel Evans, Terence Lodge, Terry Molloy, Terry Scully, Tony Starr, Wendy Padbury   Extramaterial:  
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