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Geopolitical Simulator 2009 (PC Download)

Geopolitical Simulator 2009 (PC Download)
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Tipsa en vän

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Geo-Political Simulator, aka G.P.S., is an economic and geopolitical simulator game for PC.
In G.P.S., the player plays the role of the head of State or government (president, monarch, prime minister …) of a country he has selected at the beginning of the game, and may intervene in all the following fields: the economy, social issues, the military, the Home Office and the Foreign Office, ecology, culture, etc.
Every country in the world is featured along with its characteristics and own specificities,

Three game modes are offered to the player:
-“Free mode”: the player's objective is to remain in power as long as possible and to further his influence throughout the world.
- “Scenario” and "missions" modes: these offer different game contexts featuring various issues: new elections, environmental issues, army invasions...
- “Wargame” mode: several players (up to 16) confront one another online in the course of military campaigns taking place in real time. This mode is also available in solo gaming.

This English version includes updated 2009 geopolitical data and 10 new scenarios and missions including "A new President for USA", and "2009, the big recession"
Windows XP, VISTA or 7
2 Ghz Processor
1 Gb RAM
Graphics card DirectX 9 compatible: 128 Mb RAM
Sound card DirectX 9 compatible
Recommended update of graphics cards and sound drivers
Kategori: Strategi  Originaltitel: Geopolitical Simulator 2009
Releasedatum:   Plattform: PC Download
Artikelnummer: 27958  Förlag: EverSim 
Expansion pack: Nej   DRM:
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