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MOUNTVAL Down Wash, Wash-In Cleaner For Down-Filled Outdoor Clothing and Gear

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MOUNTVAL Down Wash, Wash-In Cleaner For Down-Filled Outdoor Clothing and Gear

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Your outdoor and trekking clothing made of down needs special treatment. Down attracts body oil and dirt and then loses its insulation properties. Moreover, treating down with regular detergents may impair its breathability as detergents leave chemical residues in the down. Mountval Down Wash takes care of that. Use it instead of the detergent to make your down clothing look good and perform well for years

HOW? Mountval Down Wash removes dirt and refreshes your down-filled jackets. It prevents down from clumping and therefore enhances its loft and insulating properties. Moreover, Mountval Down Wash does not impair water-repellence of the garment. Mountval Down Wash is a perfect solution to wash your down-filled clothing before applying a waterproofing treatment (for example with spray-on Mountval Textile Shield)

WHAT? Mountval Down Wash is best used with down-filled clothing and sleeping bags. Mountval Down Wash is meant for any kind of down: natural, synthetic, and hydrophobic. It prepares your garments well for further waterproofing treatment

SAFETY: The product is safe both for your clothes and for you, it meets the highest safety standards. It is made of natural ingredients such as palm oil. The product is bio-degradable

1 bottle contains 300ml (10.15 fl. Oz.). See product description for how to use instructions. Made in Europe

HOW TO USE: Mountval Down Wash is best used in a washing machine. It is important to wash according to the manufacturer’s label instructions. You use Mountval Down Wash instead of a detergent so you put it in the detergent drawer of your washing machine (1 and a half cap (75ml). For best results tumble dry your clothes at low heat. Mountval Down Wash can be also used when hand-washing.


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