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MOUNTVAL Silver Freshness, Odour Killing Refresher And Wash-In Conditioner

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MOUNTVAL Silver Freshness, Odour Killing Refresher And Wash-In Conditioner

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Conventional detergents or fabric conditioners do not properly remove odors. They usually just mask it with perfumes which fail quickly so that your sportswear smells up fast. Mountval Silver Freshness prevents the formation of odour-causing elements throughout the fabric


Mountval Silver Freshness contains advanced fomulations that inhibit the build-up of fungus and thus prevent bad odour. It stops the multiplication of odor-causing elements and provides long-lasting fresh and hygienic feeling. 1 bottle can be used up to 7 times.


Mountval Silver Freshness is great for sportswear, technical and thermal underwear and any kind of wicking clothing and base layers worn next to the skin.

SAFETY: The product is safe both for your clothes and for you, it meets the highest safety standards. It has been dermatologically tested and is 100% biodegradable.

1 bottle contains 315ml (10.70 fl. Oz.). See product description for how to use instructions

HOW TO USE: Mountval Silver Freshness is best used in a washing machine. First load up your washing machine. Shake the bottle well. Put 1 cap (45ml) of Mountval Silver Freshness into the fabric conditioner drawer. You can put your favourite detergent into a separate detergent drawer but it is important not to put them together in one. Use your detergent if clothes show marks of dirt. Let to spin properly and hang to dry as usual. Your clothes will retain the anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties for up to 5 regular washes. There is no need to use Mountval Silver Freshness with every wash


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